Throwback Thursdays at The Isle

Isle Casino is giving its employees and guests a chance to step back in time and have some fun for this month’s fun theme ‘Throwback Thursday’. Each Thursday for the month of March a different era will sweep through the casino with live music and dress-up.

Kelsey Murphy, the Marketing Coordinator for Isle Casino, says that each month a different department in the casino gets a ‘fun month.’ “The fun months are usually internal, they help the employees enjoy work. Everyone gets tired of wearing the same uniform everyday. This is a freebee to enjoy a day at work.”

In January the theme was ‘Elvis’, and in February it took a silly turn with ‘Potato’ where employees had a potato decorating contest, and a competition for best potato recipe. This month it’s the Marketing Department’s turn, and they are inviting the public to join in the fun.

Each Thursday will feature a different decade, and everyone will dress accordingly. On March 5 Genx will perform for the 80s theme, March 12 is the 70s with The Deuce Denninger Band. Put on your parachute pants for March 19, it’s the 60s with The Venturi’s. The Backstreet Cruisers will wrap it up on March 26 with a 50s theme. All guests who come to the show are encouraged to play along and dress up accordingly.

Murphy said it was a challenging endeavour to find a band to cover each decade, “All the bands are local,” Murphy said, “We were lucky to find a 50s band.” She says that the bands will also be involved with the theme, dressing up and playing only music for their respective decades.

Murphy adds that this doesn’t just appeal to older generations,She encourages people to follow Throwback Thursdays on social media with the hashtag IsleTBT. After all, who doesn’t love some classic rock? “The fun months are an employee thing, but we always want to involve the public,” Murphy said.

For the month of March you won’t have to wait until Friday to have a good time, grab your poodle skirt, your tie-die shirt, tease your hair, or find your old platform shoes and enjoy some nostalgic tunes at the Isle.

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