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By: Becky Davenport
On my recent excursion to Chicago, I had the tough decision of driving to St. Louis and paying parking at the airport or catching a plane from Cape Girardeau with Cape Air.  After some research, debating, and some discussion I opted to give flying out of the Cape Girardeau Airport with Cape Air a chance.  In reality after researching where to park my car, the cost of gas and the inevitable snack I would need on my drive up, the $50 for my plane ticket from Cape Airport to St Louis cost less than it did for me to drive. 
Now like many of you I had never flown out of an airport as small as Cape Girardeau, so I was clueless as to what to expect.  These are the benefits I immediately discovered; no waiting time: forget the long line at baggage check in and security. It took about ten minutes for me to be checked in and ready to go.  Personal service: we all like to feel like the people we are paying are giving us the best service.  On the day I was flying out of Cape Girardeau Airport here in Southeast Missouri we were having those wonderful record high temperatures. Upon check in I was asked if I would rather take a taxi cab to St Louis than to fly, because at takeoff and landing it could be a little warm in the plane.  I opted to fly and I can say it was warm, but I was by no means miserable.  Last, but not least probably the most memorable part of flying with Cape Air is the planes are small and I had the opportunity - or I guess luck - to get the chance to fly from Cape Girardeau to St Louis in the Co-Pilots seat.  No worries folks, I did not touch a button, but man what a flight and what a view! 
This week I had the opportunity to chat with Stacey Ross with Cape Air and find out more about their operations, service, pricing, and all the need to know information. Stacey tells me that normally the morning and weekend flights from Cape Girardeau to St Louis sell out a week in advance, and they advise passengers to buy their tickets at least one week prior to their preferred travel date.  Cape Air handles approximately 1,000 passengers in and out of Cape Girardeau each month. 

Short notice flights are available and you can book your ticket the same day, but keep in mind that each plane only holds nine passengers.  There is a flat rate on all one-way flights of $49.97; occasionally they do run a specials and coupons that are redeemable on both one way and round trip flights.
Cape Air in the Cape Girardeau airport has three pilots based in Cape Girardeau and four station personnel.  Cape Air’s company motto is “Make our customers happy and have a good time doing it.”  As I mentioned above they did offer me a taxi service to St. Louis instead of flying as my comfort was priority to them.  Stacey explained to me that taxi service is not normally offered, except on days of extreme heat or inclement weather and they are unable to fly. 
One concern that I have always had and I know many of my friends have shared with me about flying out of smaller airports is safety standards.  We know upon entering Lambert Airport in St. Louis and many other international airports we feel like we are getting more of strip search than security check, but we expect that because of past issues.  Cape Air says safety is absolutely their number one priority and is a very significant part of our culture, from senior management to pilots to operations personnel.  As for TSA regulations the passengers, baggage check-in, and screenings are the same standards that are in the larger airports.  Cape Girardeau Airport is smaller, does have some different TSA equipment, and has to hand screen some baggage, but the standards of safety are the same as it would be in larger airports.    
Cape Air runs four flights daily from Cape Girardeau to St Louis the schedule is the same for weekdays, but changes on the weekends.  Flights leave as early as 6 am on the weekdays and as late as 5:45 pm on the weekends.  Cape Air also has four arriving flights daily, so you can book a flight from St Louis to Cape Girardeau and save yourself the drive home.  To see the schedules, rates, and book your flight visit Cape Air’s website and for information on the Cape Girardeau Airport visit their website

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