It's Hubrew Beer

By Becky Davenport


It is Brew time at the John A Huber Brewing Company. To me that name sounds so grown up and official, but we are talking beer and a Southeast Missouri family operated Brewing Company.


The Huber Brewing Company recently took a chance and gave me an inside look, and taste to their brewery. I will disclose here that I am not much of a beer drinker, more of wine gal, with that said selling me on beer is a bit of a tough sale. However, since I was on a tour of a brewery, I had to give it a taste, and yes this wine lover gives HUBREW two thumbs up. The HUBREW Blonde Ale is a light-bodied ale, with bold malt flavor with a subtle hop finish….to define that in my terms it was smooth with a nice aftertaste.


Huber Brewing Company not only serves of some good beer, they also serve up a great story of a Dad and his boys, working together and making life happen.

John Huber originally started in Homebrew Supply of Southeast Missouri in 2009, with idea of supplying the local home brewers. Much like many other business ideas, his supply company took on a new endeavor in 2011, and Huber family opened their own Brewing Company.


Joining forces with John, is his two sons Matt and Chad Huber, and big sister Delana, together they own and operate John A Huber Brewing Company on Highway FF in Jackson MO.


I know what you are thinking, where can I find HUBREW? Well just your luck you can buy HUBREW at several local stopping spots including: Jones Heritage Farm and Market, The Barrens Winery, Primo Vino, Rude Dog Pub, and many more. Huber Brewing Company is also hosting tastings regularly at local places, to keep up on tasting dates follow them on Facebook and visit their website frequently.





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