Motorcyclist Makes Cross-Country Pilgrimage

Julia Chiriboga (courtesy of Facebook)“You get use to it. You live hour by hour and it’s so freeing,” Julia Chiriboga has no regrets about her decision to ride her motorcycle across country full time. Using the handle ‘Harley Babe’, Julia has been chronicling her journey for the last six months with no signs of stopping, “My home is my bike.”

Julia began her journey several months ago on what started as a cross-country trip from Florida to California. Three years ago she had sold her car for a motorcycle, so to make the trip she had to compromise her possessions, bringing only what she could carry on a bike and selling everything else. “I worked in Fort Lauderdale selling bikes. The Harley Babe persona was for social media, a way to connect with customers, but now it’s how I chronicle my travels.”

On a journey worthy of Steinbeck, Julia hit the road on her motorcycle - christened ‘Dirty Girl’ - using her own self reliance, as well as the generosity of those she’s met along the way, “I just stopped wherever I ran out of gas. You see a lot of back country, stuff even locals don’t know about.” To save money Julia usually camps outside, she says that despite living on a budget she has million-dollar views. In the last three months she has traveled over 14,000 miles. Her journey even took her through Scott City, Missouri where she was just in time to visit the Lawless Freedom Rally in June.

After building a reputation Julia has gained sponsors, as well as many friends to help her along the way. Julia reflected on a recent overnight stay in Oregon where a small-hotel owner gave her a free shower, and some of the town residents returned to the campsite with her for a party. “It’s a very welcoming community, generous and fun-loving. I’ve never felt compromised.”

You can follow her pilgrimage at where she also hosts a Why Women Ride Campaign. Check out the pictures, videos, and blog entries of her amazing journey.

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