Poltergeists and Spook Lights: Ghost Hunting in Missouri

Stock image: creative commonsHalloween brings out the spooks and goblins in every household, but for Greg Myers ghosts and supernatural entities are a year-long job. Myers is the investigative coordinator and president of the Paranormal Task Force, an organization dedicated to the study of hauntings.

The PTF is a non-profit organization based in the St. Louis area that assist with the  paranormal needs from unexplained activity. Myers said that this need can range from simple validation of a haunting, to the actual eradication of a ghost. “We’re kind of a paranormal social service center,” Myers joked, “Sometimes people just want validation because nobody believes them, so we go in and document what they’re experiencing. In other situations the individual or family lives in actual fear for their safety and call us to eradicate the activity.”

How does one get rid of something you can’t see or touch? Myers said it’s all about empowerment, “We align a solution with their faith, for a Catholic we’d bring in a priest, for a pagan you need something completely different.” Myers emphasised that, like snowflakes, no two hauntings are alike, and it’s important to treat them as such.

Though they are based in St. Louis Myers and his team have taken many cases in the Cape Girardeau area. Besides ghost hunting workshops, tours, and even an art exhibit, Myers has had some very notable cases, including a poltergeist in Jackson.

“We were called in by a family that was experiencing poltergeist activity, things flying off shelves, objects being thrown. We spent the night investigating but we weren’t picking up any activity.”

Myers and his team were taking a break outside when a police officer arrived at the scene saying that a 911 call had come from the house. At this time however, the house was completely empty.

“We explained to the officer what we were doing and he was very skeptical, kind of laughed at us. Since he had received the call hePhoto of 'shadow person' captured on Zombie Road (PTF Website) went inside the house to check things out. When he came back his face was white as a sheet.”

The officer told Myers that he was walking down a hallway when a shelf was thrown out in front of him, hitting the opposite wall. Myers said that the police officer is now a referral for the Paranormal Task Force.

The PTF has done other investigations in the area as well, including a fraternity house on campus where students were seeing apparitions and hearing voices. Myers said they picked up significant data during the investigation, but the strangest thing was when the car batteries in their two vehicles both died while parked outside the house.

Myers said that another unusual investigation came from the famous Lorimer Cemetery in Cape, “cemeteries have a stigma for being very haunted, but actually most cemeteries have no activity because the people there are at rest. That’s why Lorimer Cemetery is so unusual.”

Myers said that while they were investigating Cape Girardeau’s oldest cemetery they picked up significant data on their EMF meters - with the meters responding to questions directed towards any spirits. They also obtained a picture of a figure outside of a mausoleum, and experienced warm and cold spots that would also activate the meters.

While the Southeast Missouri region is full of history and legends perfect for ghost stories, Myers said that one of his most memorableGreg Myers, Sandra Oates, and Jeremy King of PTF in front of the 'Exorcist House' with the 'Ghost Adventures' crew. 2013 haunts came from Zombie Road, an urban legend in the St. Louis area. This vacated road has hosted a medley of strange occurrences, “When we went to investigate we produced even more than what the stories told,” Myers said. They caught a shadow apparition on film, recorded disembodied voices, and even saw ‘spook lights’ - unexplained floating lights in the woods.

Myers said his other most notable haunt was the Exorcist House in St. Louis, a house that was subject to an exorcism in 1949, and has been haunted since. Myers is returning to that house on October 30, where a film crew is hosting ‘Exorcism Live,’ an attempt to finally exorcise the house of entities left over from the 1949 haunting. Myers said when he first visited the house in 2009 he was very skeptical of the haunt since the house had undergone so many blessings in the past, but he learned first hand not to underestimate the house. He experienced an isolated heat spot on his face and neck, which was confirmed by another investigator who picked up a heat anomaly on their thermal imager - something was definitely attached to Myers’s neck. Myers is attending ‘Exorcism Live’ which will air on Destination America channel on October 30 at 8:00 p.m.. There will also be cameras with a live stream on their website for audience interaction.

Myers has appeared in many television broadcasts including Children of the Grave and Fact or Fake on the SyFy channel, as well as Ghost Adventures, and The Exorcist File: The Haunted Boy - the same investigation that left Myers with a burn on his neck.

“Ghost hunting is like fishing. Sometimes you get no bites your whole career before you finally get that big catch,” Myers said, “My favorite thing is having a skeptic experience a paranormal encounter and seeing the look on their face when their belief system is shattered.”

Myers said they welcome investigation requests. To learn more about the Paranormal Task Force visit their website, or see the latest updates on their Facebook page.

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