Become a Rock Star in Work & Life

by Elizabeth Shelton

How do you leap from Jackson DJ to national motivational speaker? By being Marvelless, of course. Jackson native Mark Kamp, aka Marvelless Mark, will be at Kimbeland Country Club at 7 p.m. on April 10th to promote his new book, Opportunity Rocks!


The book is a compilation of the key concepts Kamp has been delivering in motivational speeches for over a decade. It follows the same platform of his motivational seminars that help attendees achieve rock star status in business and in life. He offers these analogies, “Fans are customers; businesses don’t want products to be one-hit wonders. We all start as a small business or a garage band with a few friends and a vision to be something great. It’s a ‘never surrender’ attitude, whether it’s rock n’ roll or whatever motivates you. It’s great for someone to take home and make reference to and share with other people."


The book uses famous musicians to make points throughout, including quotes, personal stories and even caricatures. Artists include Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, The Black Eyed Peas, Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, KISS, and the Grateful Dead, among others. Kamp adds, “Because it’s music, and the people we feature in the book had to be a certain status of rock icon proving they stood the test of time, we were selective in the artists we spoke about and quoted, and we did a lot of research."


A 1978 graduate of Jackson High School, the dream of Marvelless Mark took seed as a disc jockey for high school dances, which led to owning the Manassa Galaxy Sound System and working a multi-state area. The next step was working in radio at Q99 and KJAS and an eventual move to Michigan. There Kamp returned to spinning records in night clubs and was able to craft his over-the-top DJ persona, confessing, “I am a graduate of ‘short attention span theatre,’ and the real reason I ended up as a DJ is because I never felt I had the talent to be in a rock band, which was my real dream. That’s why our DJ act was so different. We made it as much as a band as possible with costumes, props, fake instruments, pyrotechnics, drums, almost like an air band kind of thing. So because people remember the different rather than the norm, that launched me as far as getting the word out.”


He got the attention of an entertainment producer out of Chicago when he began working on cruise ships in the early 1990s, having relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. With the support of a managing agent and an entertainment booking company, Marvelless Mark became a brand and was promoted as the Ambassador of Celebration. The Marvelless one recalls, “In Jackson we would take gun powder and put it in a light socket and we had pyro. We’d take tractor starter fluid and hold it in front of a cigarette lighter and have a six-foot flame. By having a producer and a creative person, they took what I was already doing to a much higher and more professional level. I finally was able to put my dream together—a big show band called Party of the Century—a thirteen-piece band with Marvelless Mark as the David Lee Roth of the millennium. We called it the show you can dance to, full of rock star impersonations, costume changes, what I had been doing on a larger and live scale with live musicians.”


Then 9-11 hit, and the entertainment industry was grounded. Marvelless Mark explains, “That’s when the motivational skills and training began. They sent me down the motivational road, hooking me up with training and going through the Anthony Robbins series. People still wanted entertainment, but they felt they shouldn’t be spending money. But they knew they still needed to get their sales teams together and motivated, so I switched from evening entertainment to meeting entertainment. I tied my entertainment bits in with a message. Out of that came the idea of Opportunity Rocks!, which began as a keynote speech with a platform comparing the rock n’ roll business to regular business. This is a book for anyone looking for answers who doesn’t want the same old kind of thing. It’s not that ‘I climbed to Mt. Everest and cut my arm off’ kind of book. We are all rock stars in our own arena, whether you work for yourself or someone else. It’s how we get band members and make our band rock that gets us a standing ovation again and again.”


The book signing event begins at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 10, with music from Jackson locals, Doug Reese and Mark and Randy Werner. On April 11, also beginning at 7 p.m. at Kimbeland, Kamp is offering what he calls “a health-for-life seminar for an hour. A guy is coming in from Canada that has partnered with me and will talk about pesticides on our food, how to get rid of toxins, why there is so much cancer, diabetes. We want people to be aware you have choices, and these are some of the reasons.”

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