Powder Mill and Their Unique Story

by Becky Davenport

From good ol’ hills of Carter County Missouri to Europe, the boys of Powder Mill have been entertaining folks with what they call their “beautiful slop” music.


A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Jessie and Andrew members of Powder Mill, and getting the down low on their story and what Hillbilly Slopbucket Rock is.


Folks, I must first say from one Missourian to another, my favorite thing about Powder Mill Band is not their music, but is their spirit. These boys love their homefolks, love their heritage, and love the people around them. I am a bit of a Missouri fan, and when we started talking heritage, I am not sure who got more excited me or them. Heritage, real life, and hometown folks is the heart and soul of their music, and while they say it may not always be pretty, but it is real.


Now enough about what made me become a fan and let us get to know the band.

Powder Mill Band members are: Jesse Charles Hammock II-rhythm guitar, lead vocals, 
Jeff Chapman-lead guitar, Pat McSpadden-bass guitar, and Andrew Bedell-percussion. They were all born in raised in Carter County Missouri, if you are not sure where Carter County is, we all know where Van Buren, Missouri is. They have known each other all their lives, and if they are not related to each other ( a few of them are), they are close enough friends that they seem like family.


I personally was dying to know what Hillbilly Slopbucket Rock is, and would never call their music “slop”, but they boast that it is beautiful slop. Of course, I had to ask, “Why slop” and here is why; each of the band members come from different musical backgrounds, and they refer to their unique musical differences harmonizing together as “slop.” Mix a little Rock ‘n’ Roll, a bit of fiddle sound, some old country, throw in some 80’s country, and Hillbilly Slopbucket Rock comes to life.


The Powder Mill boys not only produce unique music, but they have taken a different approach as artist. When Powder Mill began to write songs and perform, they did not hit the road; instead, they built a studio smack dab in the middle nowhere and started kicking out albums and great music.


In 2011, Powder Mill officially kicked off their first tour, only their first tour happened to be on foreign soil. Powder Mill spent some time performing, and giving Europe a taste of what good music we have right here hidden away in the Ozarks of Missouri. Being that I am a “bit on the nosy side”, I could not let Jessie and Andrew not share the details of their tour in Europe. To my surprise, and I somewhat think their surprise also, Europe is more like Missouri than we think it is. The folks in Europe love country music, they discovered that parts of Europe is as rural as parts of the Missouri Ozarks, most of Europe felt similar to home, and they even headlined for a rodeo while there….of course that made me giggle!


Since returning from Europe, Powder Mill has been on the road with the North Mississippi Allstars, and performing at various closer to home places.


Powder Mill is hitting the streets of Cape Girardeau on Friday, April 13, 2012 at Pink Galleon. The band is excited to visit Cape Girardeau and give us a chance to hear their fabulous “Hillbilly Slopbucket Rock”.


If you miss your chance to see Powder Mill in Cape Girardeau hop on over to their website and check out their schedule of shows, you can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter

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