From a Mom: SEMO Fair Money Saving Tips

From a Mom: SEMO Fair Money Saving Tips

by Becky Davenport

For the more than 150 years the SEMO District Fair has been coming to town, it often catches our wallets by surprise. As a mom, I am constantly looking for tips, tricks, and ways to cut cost on entertainment. I have a very strict belief that it is okay to budget your money, but not by to limit your fun.


There are a few ways that you can enjoy the SEMO District Fair without busting your money budget. Here are few ways that I have put to use and have been successful with.


- Save on Admission- Before 1:00 pm during the week admission to the fair is free, so if you are just going to check out the animals, tractors, and eat some fair food head out for an early day at the fair.


- Weekly Pass- Do you love the fair so much you go daily? Well, if so save a few bucks by purchasing a weekly pass, not a huge saving, but enough to buy you that funnel cake you crave.


- Carnival Rides- This is always the wallet drainer no matter what fair your at, but if you are like me it you just can’t say no. There is several money saving tricks for the rides at the SEMO District Fair.


  • Friday Afternoon Armband Special- Here is the big-ticket saver. Friday afternoon from noon to 4pm all rides will be open and armbands will be on sale for $10. That is less than half of the normal price.
  • Purchase your armband in advance and save a few dollars, this is not a huge money saver, but if you are purchasing several you can save a few dollars.
  • Don’t fall for the armband. Most times they are huge money savers for those who love to ride carnival rides. However take time to walk through the rides and see how many rides there are that your kids will actually ride, then decide if an armband is worth the purchase.


- Free events- the truth is kids don't care whether the event cost $5.00 or a $100 they just get excited about going. This year you can catch an Antique Tractor Pull, the 12th Annual Heartland Idol Finals, Heartland Barrel Racing Extravaganza, and much more for FREE.


- Free Exhibits- Animals, plants, tractors, and all the other neat things you can find in the 4H and FFA buildings intrigue kids, I am not sure how many hours I have spent staring at chickens with wild hair!


- Fair food- okay here is the hardest part about budgeting for the fair. This girl cannot resist her fried Oreos, funnel cakes, cotton candy, and lemon shake-ups, but I also can’t afford to splurge on all of them. I give my kids each an allotted amount of money and let them pick one fair food treat each; the decision is all theirs and they get what they really want. I pack water, apples, pretzels, and other snacks to hold us over while at the fair to help resist those impulse cravings.


Remember money is not always everything. The one thing that I have learned from being a mom is it more about the quantity of time not the cost of the time. Happy Fair Week friends, Hope to see you there!

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