Cape Corner Concerts Strikes a Chord

Stock image: creative commonsThe streets will be alive with the sound of music as the new Cape Corner Concert project takes shape. Old Town Cape is hiring local musicians to perform on street corners to bring a new liveliness to Downtown Cape Girardeau.


Katie Amrhein, the Marketing and Special Events Coordinator for Old Town Cape, explains that, “A musician can bring a saxophone, guitar, violin, whatever they play, and set up shop on a corner Downtown and entertain the crowd. The goal is to increase vibrancy Downtown, make it a fun place while people are out shopping or eating . . . make it lively and bring some fun.”

Funding for the Cape Corner Concerts is provided by the Cape Girardeau Community Improvement District who also came up with the idea and recruited Old Town Cape to manage the project. This means that hired musicians will receive a rate of pay for their work.

Due to the limited sidewalk space Katie says that only one to two performers can play at one time. There cannot be bands, or any instrument that requires electricity.  Old Town Cape is busily accepting applications, and hopes to start sometime in May. Cape Corner Concerts will continue through June, afterwards the CID will consider providing more funding. Katie hopes that the Cape Corner Concerts will continue to be funded in the summer and through mid-fall.

“For now there will be one musician each week,” Katie said, “but in the future with more interest we might bring in more to spread out through Downtown.” Katie mentioned the possibility of teaming up with the arts council to include street performances such as dances.

“This is a great way to involve people, and make Downtown Cape a place where people want to be. It’s one more way for people to interact, and for up and coming musicians to get recognition.”

Applications can be found on the Old Town Cape website. Visit for more information.


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