The Buried Life Comes to SEMO

The Buried Life Comes to SEMO

by Taylor Mayberry

With lyrics like "Someday, I hope you get the chance/to live like you were dyin',” from Tim McCraw’s country song, or the ever popular YOLO (you only live once), people have grasped the idea of making the most of their lives while they can. Bucket lists, dreams, goals; they are something we all have and hope to look at saying, “Yeah, I did that. Cool huh?” Perhaps there are some things you have wanted to do before you go. The Buried Life is a group of four friends with a bucket list of their own. They loaded up their RV and travel across the country knocking things off their bucket list and helping others scratch things off their lists at the same time.


The group started small but with big ideas. They took the step, the plunge, and made the decision. They were going to go on the road for two weeks and do as many of the bucket list ideas as they can. For everything they marked off their list though, the group wanted to help someone else in their quest. While some bucket lists can seem impossible and undoable, their philosophy is "Simple and practical things demonstrate that, with creativity and the help of others, a person can accomplish anything. Anything is possible." They realized that some people need a little push or help to be able to say, “Yeah, look at me, I just lived.” They weren’t expecting their little two week adventure to become longer with a bigger impact.


For six years the guys have been continuing The Buried Life. The movement has inspired millions. They started in Victoria, B.C. in Canada with a party. They made their gas money from that, bought a camera to use on the road off of eBay, and took off. Having been to university themselves, they seem to stick with touring colleges and universities, trying to help the out-going generations. The Buried Life movement is an inspiration, a push, a driver to help us do what we want before we can’t anymore.


On September 19, they will be at SEMO in an open-to-the-public event. Tickets are $10, but are free for the university staff, students, and faculty. The event, brought to you by the Student Activities Council, will be at the Show Me Center. Tickets can be picked up at the UC, rooms 202 and 204. Before you pick up your ticket, think about what you want to do before you die and come prepared to make it happen!

For more about the group, visit their website. You can also catch some of their adventures on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

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