Vintage Now 4 Recap

Vintage Now 4 Recap

By Brandi Holder

Remember when you were a little kid and played dress up and make believe in your parents' closet?  Debbie Maevers' Past Times Antiques is kind of like that. You can get lost in the store for hours, especially in the huge vintage "walk in" closet she designed.  You can find beautiful, fun and sometimes quirky items in every size.  It was this love of vintage fashion that was the foundation of the Vintage Now Fashion Show. Debbie says, "I've always loved fashion.  Growing up I played fashion show with my Barbies." She smiled and continued, "they liked G.I. Joe instead of Ken."  (How can you not love that?!)

Fast forward to the Vintage Now Fashion Show. The theme this year was The Great Gatsby and what a way to spend an evening in Cape Girardeau!  The fourth annual show was a combination of old school charm, powerful messages and FABULOUS clothing. It was pulled off with over 150 amazing volunteers and an even more amazing cause topped off with a dash of glitz and glam. Debbie used around 40 models during the show, around 25 of which are from the original casting call four years ago. One of the third year veterans, Rebecca, was discovered when she was shopping in the antique store.  She said that Debbie approached her and asked her if she had heard about the casting calls for the fashion show. Rebecca explained that it was something she felt scared about doing but once she heard about the cause it "sealed the deal". She said of her experience,  "This is the best volunteer work you'll ever do".

I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes with  Debbie before the show.  When asked about how the show came about she laughed and said, "I know this is going to sound geeky, but I had a dream about having a fashion show and the Safe House for Women being the benefactor."  From speaking with her, it is obvious that it is a cause she truly stands behind.  She explains that she instructs the models to walk with grace and power. She said, "When I think about this show I get an overwhelming feeling that these women are walking for those who can't yet." What a powerful statement. And what a lucky community Cape Girardeau is to benefit from this event. In fact, the show not only sold out, but was unable to accommodate all those who wanted to attend.  The numbers are not in yet on how much money was raised for the Safe House for Women or the Jacque Waller Memorial Fund. Debbie said donations come pouring in even weeks after the event. She said to check out the Vintage Now Fashion Show facebook page this week for tentative numbers and highlights from the event.

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