Eat healthy @ Katy O'Ferrell's

 Me: “What sounds good tonight?”

You: “I don’t know….Chinese?”

Me: “Nah….how about Mexican?”

You: “The chips, though…..”

Me: “Yeah...….. Hey, what about Irish?”

You: “Irish……??”


Yes, Irish: Katy O’Ferrell's in Cape - once again I’m here to guide you through the menu…..and I promise not to make a bunch of silly leprechaun jokes. :-) I think.

Here we go.


The word “appetizer” means a small dish of food eaten before the main course to stimulate one’s appetite. I don’t know about you, but appetizers usually kill MY appetite; by the time I’m finished with one I’m full. Besides that, the majority of appetizers you’ll see on most menus are fried - and this one is no exception. If you do choose to order an app, go with the Irish Stuffed Mushrooms - they are filled with corned beef, sauerkraut, green onion, cream cheese and seasonings - and they’re not fried!

 The Salmon Caesar Salad is probably the most popular salad on the menu, and with good reason. The salmon is very high-quality and absolutely melts in your mouth. Order with light dressing, or dressing on the side and you’ll have it made!

For a soup, pick the Jameson Irish Onion or make a meal out of the Guinness Stew (slow-cooked beef, carrots, celery, potatoes and onions) and a Farm House salad.

Sandwiches: Let me just say - one of the BEST burgers I have ever had came from Katy O’Ferrell's!! Like, oh maw gawd it was good - and now I know why - each uncooked 8 oz. patty has 50 grams of fat. (!!!) Granted, that number goes down after cooking, but not much. Tip: the rarer the burger, the higher that fat content. Order yours medium well - well and you can expect more fat to cook out. More benign sandwiches are the Portabella Burger (the portabella mushroom soaks up quite a bit of the oil-based marinade, so consider asking for yours UN-MARINATED) and the Marvin’s Chicken Pubwich, grilled, of course. All sandwiches come with Pub Chips or Katy Planks (fried potato wedges), but you may also have a salad or steamed veggies, ya just gotta ask!

Katy’s Irish Fare is really the star of the show - this is the stuff you can’t get anywhere else. Shepherd’s Pie, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Bangers & Mash….. What, you don’t know what a Banger is?? Sheesh. It’s ok, I didn’t either. A Banger is an Irish pork sausage and Mash is basically mashed potatoes - with lots of butter. My pick here is the Father Kelly’s Celtic Pot Pie - it’s a larger portion of the Guinness Stew - but ask for it without the crust.

The dinner menu boasts a nice selection of steaks and seafood, too. If you’re craving a steak, have the Filet Mignon, it is a bit leaner than the NY Strip or Ribeye, but take half home for the next day’s lunch, because 45g of protein and about 40g of fat is way too much for one meal. I’m a little torn on the Rack of Lamb. On one hand, lamb is high in saturated fat. On the other, it’s a good source of iron, copper and zinc - and because it’s so rich, you might feel the need to eat a little less than you would a steak. This would be a good one to split, as one order is 9 oz before cooking, maybe 8 after. Half of that would be perfect. However, I can totally sign off on the Glazed Salmon or Mahi-Mahi! These are great choices, although I might suggest ordering the Mahi without the cream sauce. Two side dishes come with the entrees - ask for a double order of veggies (steamed) or have the veggies steamed and the Oven Roasted Russet Potatoes.

If you’re here for lunch, go for the “Pick 2” option - you choose ½ a sandwich or Shepherd’s Pie and a salad or soup. Instead of bread on your sandwich, choose a wrap - pic from spinach, wheat, garlic/herb or tomato basil.

Katy’s also offers gluten-free buns if you can’t eat gluten.

And just a quick word on the Late Night Bites: all fried. I guess the Toasted Ravioli (which is actually fried, not toasted) would be the lesser of the evils, but if you’re out eating appetizers after 10, you’re probably having a pretty good time and not too worried about calories at the moment. :-)

Here’s the RED LIGHT/GREEN LIGHT breakdown:

GREEN LIGHT = Go for it!! RED LIGHT= Don’t do it!


GREEN LIGHT: ● Irish Stuffed Mushrooms (if you must)

RED LIGHT: ● Everything else


GREEN LIGHT: ● Jameson Irish Onion Soup ● Guinness Stew ● Salmon Caesar Salad (dressing on side)

RED LIGHT: ● Guinness Cheddar Soup ● Cobb Salad (because of the bacon and cheese)


GREEN LIGHT: ● Portabella Burger (no marinade if you can handle it) ● Marvin’s Chicken Pubwich (grilled)

RED LIGHT: ● Reuben Sandwich ● Battered Chicken Sandwich ● Katy O’s Dirn Burger (unless you split it with a friend. Or unless it’s your “cheat meal”...then I highly recommend it.)


GREEN LIGHT: ● Father Kelly’s Celtic Pot Pie (without the crust)

RED LIGHT: ● Fish N’ Chips


GREEN LIGHT: ● Glazed Salmon with Steamed Veggies ● Mahi-Mahi (without the sauce) and Steamed Veggies ● Cottage Herb Rubbed Baked Chicken (don’t eat the skin) and Steamed Veggies

RED LIGHT: ● Ol’ Richards Ribeye ● Chicken Stuffed Boxty


GREEN LIGHT: ● PICK 2: Roast Beef or Ham in a Wrap with Onion Soup or a Farmhouse Salad

RED LIGHT: ● Late Night Bites. All of them.

~As always, enjoy the food, enjoy the company – and tip well!


Tamatha Crowson, Fitness Coach


Tamatha Crowson is a 20-year veteran of the fitness industry.

She specializes in weight loss, strength and behavior change for women, and of course, food. 

She is the owner TCrowson Fitness, an online training and coaching service and runs the Boot Camp Challenge program in Cape Girardeau.
She holds a degree in Fitness Management and is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer.



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