Captain's Quarters @ Port Cape

There is a new “chef inspired” dining option in town! Chef James Cain has created a winning combination of casual dining, exquisite food and a warm, inviting atmosphere within the CQ, Captain’s Quarters. Follow along as we enjoy a fresh, dining experience in the CQ.

 With so many things packed into Port Cape, between the restaurant and lounge, the River City Yacht Club upstairs, ice cream parlor, weekly buffets, and live music you may not even know about the Captain’s Quarters chef inspired dining. In 2014 Chef James Cain converted the banquet room tucked into the Water Street entrance into an intimate, yet casual room for a fine dining experience. In doing so Chef James brought a new spin to the Port Cape brand and basically created a pop-up restaurant within a restaurant. Pop-ups are trendy in big cities because they bring a buzz and energy with select offerings, limited hours, and a chef who in essence, has the freedom to be creative with the menu. I was intrigued and decided the best way to tackle this assignment was to dine in the restaurant. (The things I do in the name of journalism). We were welcomed warmly by restaurant manager, Caroline Cain for our Friday evening reservation. As she sat us at our small table, I was struck by the decor with it’s geometric patterns, crisp linens, and low lighting. The mirrors and embellishments pick up the candlelight perfectly and add warmth and charm to the old painted brick.

 While sipping our wine, we enjoyed the herb infused oyster butter and fresh bread. For me, bread is simply a butter delivery system and when you add perfectly seasoned real butter, I find it hard to share! For the appetizer, we had deviled eggs unlike any I have ever enjoyed. The mixture of wasabi caviar was matched with poached lobster tail giving the deviled eggs the perfect mix of salt and an unexpected sweetness.

For our main courses, we chose the Sea Bass with whipped potatoes and green beans, and a steak paired with crispy brussel sprouts. The Sea Bass was delicately pan-roasted and finished in a French butter sauce. The fish was crispy and moist and paired well with the vegetables. The hand-cut steak was cooked medium rare as ordered, and we both agreed it was both tender and flavorful. We topped off our meal with the mascarpone chocolate cake and vanilla bean ice cream.


 The dining experience in the Captain’s Quarters is warm and inviting yet intimate. If you are looking for some adventurous menu offerings, the chef’s spin on the classics will not disappoint. And with its location on Water Street, it is the perfect place for a cozy date night before a riverfront stroll.


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Address: Port Cape Girardeau, 19 N. Water St.


Captain’s Quarters is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings 5-10pm. Reservations are


recommended. Find more information on the Port Cape facebook page @portcape and our menu page

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