Nashville Artist Lucas Hoge to Perform in Cape

I first met Lucas Hoge at a Guitar Center here in Nashville as he was leaving with some purchases and I was walking in!  He ended up coming on the FOX 17 Rock & Review with me to talk guitars and about his new song release and that was when I found out he was coming to Cape Girardeau to play “The Lone Wolf” for three dates in August at the Isle of Capri.  iLuvLocalPlaces asked me to do an interview with Lucas and here it is!

ILLP:  You will be playing in Cape Girardeau the end of this month at the Isle of Capri, have you ever been to Missouri before?

Lucas Hoge:  “Yes, I have just not to Cape Girardeau yet or their casino.  I moved to Kansas City, Missouri right out of high school to live with my sister and painted houses for a while there.  I’ve also traveled through Branson and the Ozarks; it’s beautiful country!”

ILLP: What can Cape Girardeau concert goers expect from your show and the August 31st with Aaron Tippin?**

Lucas Hoge:  “Something for everyone from my originals to some meaningful song covers.  If you don’t hear something you like at first, just stick around and we’ll get to it.  I get to open and close for Aaron.  He’s a great guy, and I got to open for him before at the Country Music Hall of Fame – it makes me feel honored!”

**The before and after show events will be in the Lone Wolf, just down the hall from the Event Center where Aaron is playing.

ILLP:  Growing up in a small town like Hubble, Nebraska, what is your take on small mid-west towns, and has Hubble named a street or festival after you yet?

Lucas Hoge:  “I have a soft spot in my heart for small towns and I think it’s really sad to see them die off when highways start by passing them.  They always rally around the local football games and I love them!”

ILLP:  I had a professor at SEMO named Jim Dufek, that was from Nebraska, he claimed it was God’s country is this true and if so why?

Lucas Hoge:  “Yes it is true.  It’s just absolutely beautiful there.  I played a concert up there recently and I was watching the sun go down and the moon come up while I was driving on highway 80, and it was like a perfect painting!”

ILLP: Your song “Flip Flops” is getting a bunch of radio play and is in regular rotation on The Highway channel on Sirius XM.  How do you feel about that and what’s next?

Lucas Hoge:  “I’m very excited about it, and it’s a real game changer.  Thanks to people like John Marks at Sirius radio, we’re finally making some big cracks in the glass ceiling.  Things are really happening and I hope it brings more opportunities!”

ILLP: How did the song “Flip Flops” come about?

Lucas Hoge:  “My song writing buddy Jeff had the idea for it and I had a melody that I had been playing with.  The song really explains how I met my wife Laura.  She was from LA and had never been to a farm and I was from Nebraska and had never been to the ocean.”

ILLP: You’ve scored music for an HBO series, had a song featured on the WB’s “Smallville” show and wrote a jingle that went national for Lipton Iced Tea.  Which of these are you most proud of…and are you still getting free Lipton Iced Tea for life?

Lucas Hoge:  “They didn’t even give me one single bag of iced tea and I love Lipton and drink it all the time.  The one I’m most proud of with those achievements is “Smallville.”  I’m a huge super hero and Superman fan and I had been watching that show all the time anyway.  It was awesome to have all of my friends watching the show with me and my song was on it.”

ILLP: So you wrote the theme song for Animal Planets show “Last Chance Highway” how did that come about?

Lucas Hoge:  “I was appearing on the show and realized it didn’t have a theme song.  I ended up becoming good friends with one of the dogs on the show, Raggedy Ann, so I decided to write a song from the dog’s point of view.  I sent the song to Al Roker, executive producer for “Last Chance Highway,” and he texted me that he loved it!”  And that’s how it became the theme song.”

ILLP: What was it like playing the Ryman for the first time and being the last act to open for George Jones?

Lucas Hoge:  “I still get chills just thinking about it.  I’ve been in Nashville for 10 years and my buddy Eddie K (Kilgallon), from the band Ricochet and now playing keys with Montgomery Gentry, invited me to step into the circle (circular piece of wood that has special historical significance from all of the previous musicians that have played there in the past) but I don’t told him I wouldn’t until I could play it.”

 ILLP: What about your charity work and playing for the troops?

Lucas Hoge:  “One of my favorite charities is Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pets.  Please foster a military person’s dog.  Not only are you helping a soldier but you’re also helping a dog while their owner is deployed serving our country.  The strongest man will cry when he sees a soldier reunited with his dog after they have been away.  If fans want to check out all of the charities I’m involved with they can go to my website at

ILLP: Thank you for taking the time to talk with me for Iluvlocalplaces.

Lucas Hoge:  “It’s been my pleasure and I’m looking forward to playing my songs from everybody that comes out to the show!”

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