Blanchard Ranks High with Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Barbara Kohlfeld Blanchard Elementary PrincipalToday the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education announced that Blanchard is ranked #8 out of 1071 schools. Yes, #8...right there in Cape Girardeau. That's something to shout from the rooftops. I had the honor of teaching there for 14 years. And this is what I know:

There is a simple recipe for such success and it is often the case that other schools and administrators try to make it difficult or offer excuses for those who don't succeed. There are no acceptable excuses. You take a dedicated group of teachers and staff, led by a phenomenal principal, who are willing to give 100%, who love and care for each other like family, who believe every single child can learn all that is expected, who engage parents in the process, who instill in the students that they are loved and safe and cared for from the moment they walk through the door, who set high standards of excellence, who teach bell to bell, and who do not have to waste precious moments disciplining ill-behaved children. Blanchard is filled with all of this. Every single moment of every single day lives are changed.

Blanchard Principal Dr. Barbara Kohlfeld has one simple rule for the children, "Follow instructions." And that's all that is needed, if you think about it. Through set practices, children grow and learn and are well behaved with excellent social skills...which results in happiness, and a #8 ranking out of 1071 schools. If you've never visited Blanchard, you should. If you want to tell someone something spectacular, tell them that such a place exists, a little bit of Heaven on earth for the staff who are so lucky to be there and for the children who walk through those doors.

Click here for the complete ranking of Missouri elementary schools.

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