Starlight: Alex Beaird Band's New Album

The Alex Beaird Band is a three piece blues/rock band based out of Bernie, MO.  The current line up consists of Alex at the helm, his brother Justin Beaird on percussion and bassist Matt Garner.  The latest album also included musical collaboration by Tyler Pullman on lead guitar and additional vocals and Cody Walker on the Wurlitzer piano.  It was recorded and mixed at Walker Bros’ Top Shelf Audio and produced by Cody Walker. 

Before digging into their latest release “Starlight” I first listened to their freshman offering “Shine On.”  I liked what I heard on “Shine On” it was definitely more of a mixed bag musically, sometimes going from raw blues to almost country and then to rock all within the span of a few songs.  Although it had the same producer I felt it had a loose raw feel to the tracks almost capturing a “Live” feel on the songs. 

On their second album “Starlight” you can certainly tell the musicians have matured and gotten tighter as a band.  The tracks are all very well produced with lead vocals and guitar solos floating over the top just the right amount.  The drastic difference I heard on this album is more of a nod to Pearl Jam and less of a nod towards roots raw music like the blues.  The songs and lyrics are very well crafted and my two personal favorite tracks were “Burning Pride” and “Starlight” of which the album is named.

I interviewed Beaird to dig a little deeper into his newest release.

ILLP:  What were you trying to achieve musically with the new album?

Alex Beaird:  I wanted to have a more consistent and a more focused album.  Our first album was all over the place with blues, country and rock.  I use to play more rock and I think producing this album as a band really helped.

ILLP:  I hear more Pearl Jam styled music in this album and less Stevie Ray Vaughan feel; was that on purpose?

Alex Beaird:  Definitely true on some of the songs.  We wrote close to thirty songs over 2 years and it was a whole different situation.  Most of the songs on this album were written for it.  I tried a concept album but it just fell apart with the band, so we went a different way.

ILLP:  “Starlight” sounds more heavily produced did you spend more time on it and did playing gigs help hone the music and the band more?

Alex Beaird:  Yes, my brother Justin had never been in a real before “Shine On” came out.  Since then he has been an unstoppable force on practicing and two years of playing gigs has really helped us all.  Also the producers have more experience and have really upped their game at the studio.

ILLP:  Were there any big changes in instruments or playing for this new album?

Alex Beaird:  I relinquished some of the solo work to Tyler Pullman so I could focus more on the rhythm and singing.  I consider myself more of a rhythm guitar player anyway and Tyler did a great job on the solos – but I still played some! 

ILLP:  Where can readers find “Starlight” to purchase it?

Alex Beaird:  It is currently available on ITunes, Rhapsody, and most online places.  We are getting it into some of the location stores in Poplar Bluff and Cape also.

ILLP:  Where can our readers find out about your gigs and other information on the Alex Beaird Band?

Alex Beaird:  Reverbnation and Facebook are the best places to keep up with us right now.  We’re usually gigging at least twice a month or more!  We are also having our CD Release Party at Noon on Saturday September 27th at the Bernie Fall Fest located in the Bernie City Park, Bernie, MO.  Come out and see us.


Beaird is very passionate about his music and the new direction the band is headed in.  If you were a fan of the first album “Shine On” by the Alex Beaird Band’s then I think you will be blown away by the new album “Starlight.”  Not only is the production quality better but the album as a whole is more cohesive and the songs reflect a depth that you don’t typically hear from a local band.  You can catch up with the Alex Beaird Band on Face Book and Reverbnation, and if they come to your town be sure and catch their show and buy a copy of “Starlight” for yourself. 

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