You’ll Fall for “The Fall”: Jesse Charles Hammock II’s Solo Album

JCH2I like surprises especially when it comes to new music. I spent some time wandering through Jesse Charles Hammock II’s (JCH2 for short) website, and I was impressed with the photography and layout that I found within. But this didn’t prepare me for the album.  

I always like to listen to new music in my car, as I feel that is the ultimate test to see if the music can survive a middle of the road stereo system with speakers that are inadequate to really handle bass notes very well.  I popped the CD - I still like them and I miss album covers - into my car stereo as I was driving around Nashville with the windows down on a mild fall day (no pun intended).  The first thing that struck me was the sincerity in Hammock’s voice, the second curve was that this type of album could easily have been a hit in the 1970’s. 

I wouldn’t force it into the pigeonhole of “traditional country” because on several of the tracks Jesse takes artistic license and deviates to other genres, but that being said more than one of the tunes reminded me of great outlaw country. Another interesting fact about Hammock’s new solo album is that if you listen closely, and I suggest you do after listening to the album a few times on a good drive, in every song on the album he is telling some kind of story and thanks to his well-crafted writing skills you are able to vividly visualize what he is singing about – which makes the songs even more enjoyable. 

I haven’t had the chance to see Jesse perform his original music live yet, but I do plan on catching his show on a visit back home or if he tours close to Music City.  In the past he has performed with “Powder Mill,” “Shady Deal,” and “Jerry Hammer & Nails,” but this is his first solo venture and I certainly hope it isn’t his last. 

Jesse is currently based out of Van Buren, MO but from his website he appears to be playing plenty of gigs in and around Cape Girardeau.  All of the songs on “The Fall” were written by Hammock except for “Keep on Walking” which was written by Tim Burrows.  My personal favorite cut on the album is “Good Time” but honestly there weren’t any filler or bad tracks on the entire project.  Raw and sincere honesty seeps out of the Hammock’s freshman solo album and embraces the listener like a worn flannel shirt on a cool fall day.  If you like honest heartfelt songs with an outlaw country edge to them I highly recommend “The Fall”. You won’t be disappointed.  It was just released on September 30th and is available on his website, Amazon and Reverbnation. 

Catch him performing live at Port Cape for a Halloween Party this Friday at 9pm with the band “Powder Mill.”

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