The Spirit of Christmas Future

Christmas time stirs much hope for the future. Seeing the generosity and goodwill that stems from the holiday can bring out some cheer in the Scroogie-est of folks. The food, clothes, and money that are donated in the spirit of the season work towards helping people all year long.

Christmas is the chance to see relatives, or give gifts to remind a loved one how much you care. For some it’s the one day a year to finally have a whole day off to spend with the family. For kids it’s the spark of fun and belief they crave all year.

Children are the future, and it’s so important to give them every chance at a good life. Christmas is a chance to make sure all kids are provided for. A merry holiday can make for a happy year, and inspire kids to take a safe and productive path in life.

At the Hope Children’s home in Jackson, Christmas time is a chance, not only to provide the kids with the joy of presents, but to stock up on everyday items that others might not even think about. Toiletries, clothes, laundry items, cleaning products, and food. Even gift cards to restaurants and stores are ways to give the children fun days out well after Christmas has ended. 

The Toys for Tots foundation believes that children are the most valuable resource, as they will become the future leaders of our nation. A little thing like a present at Christmas can make everything seem a little better. Toys for Tots also focuses on mentoring programs, with their Marine volunteers setting an example for success that kids can look up to. They understand the positive impact a new toy can have on a child’s life, and that reinforcement can be the self-esteem boost that every child needs.

While there’s no one to show us Christmases yet to come, it’s easy to tell that with all the help that comes during this time of year, the future is looking a little brighter.

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