Small Business Saturday

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and the early shopping season has begun! Most people get started on that infamous Friday, but this year don’t forget to shop local on Saturday, November 29.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer some of the biggest sales of the year from large corporations and online marketplaces. With all the hype it can be easy to forget their fellow shopping day, Small Business Saturday.

American Express created Small Business Saturday in 2010 to support and celebrate those little shops that make American towns so special. Here in the surrounding area we pride ourselves on our unique cafes, antique shops, boutiques, and other stores run by our own friends and family.

This year, on the last Saturday of the month, several small businesses in the Missouri and Illinois region will be participating in this important day, including Downtown St. Genevieve, where 18 businesses have signed up so far. St. Genevieve has also opened up their This Neighborhood Circle website where anyone who supports local can join! Over 17 businesses and counting have signed up in Old Town Cape, and this year you can pick up a Downtown Passport to collect stickers while shopping for a chance to win a prize! Several other cities are participating all through the area, and you can check to see which ones at the Small Business Saturday website:  Their handy map lets you see which businesses in your area will be taking part!

When you support small business, you also help a local dream, create jobs, and bring more profit back into the community. This year be sure to set aside some time and money from Friday to shop local, and let the community help you get that Christmas shopping taken care of!

If you own a business take advantage of the opportunity by going to the Small Business Saturday website, they’ll provide help with promotion, and what to expect for your business on the busy day! You can order giveaway merchandise (such as tote bags, welcome mats, and stickers), use the map to help customers find your store, receive promotional items, and even get free online advertisements.


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