Cash Mob Cape

by Wes Wade

Have fun, make friends and support local! This is the idea behind Cash Mob Cape.


The idea of a Cash Mob started with Chris Smith, a 37 year old engineer with Oracle Corp. who organized the very first Cash Mob in Buffalo, NY on August 5th, 2011 to support locally owned, independent business owners in the Buffalo area. Since that time Cash Mob groups have sprung up all over the U.S., Canada and the world.


Cash Mob Cape found it's way to Cape Girardeau thanks is large part to Laurie Everett of Annie Laurie's Antiques in Cape. Laurie brought the idea to I Luv Local Places and we shared it with Elizabeth Shelton of Write Results Marketing. Generally, cash mobs are a grass roots effort with no particular leader, but Elizabeth is spearheading the effort to create this "Mob" in Cape and get it started for us.


Typical events are held in an area with both local, independent businesses and restaurants or clubs where the group can gather after an event for socializing. The general vicinity is publicized in advance and the group has a specific meeting place to gather prior to the Cash Mob event. Once the group gathers, the business that has been chosen for the event is announced and the group descends on said business. The local business is made aware in advance that they are they will be the target so they can prepare inventory and staff to take care of the surge in business that day.


Participants are asked to spend at least $20, though it is ok to spend more or less if you decide to do so. We also encourage you not to take advantage of specials, closeouts or things otherwise not full price; keep in mind we are there to support the business owner.

Once the Mobbing is complete which I would imagine will last 30 minutes to an hour everyone is encouraged to gather at a preselected “watering hole” to visit, get to know each other and discuss future choices for another Cash Mob event.


We hope Cash Mob Cape has the same results found in other groups around the country, like minded individuals, who value locally owned, independent stores, want to show support in a meaningful way and who would like to meet other such like minded people in a fun, social setting.


Last month's event at Bilderbach Plaza had almost 50 people turn out and spend over $700 total. Hopefully we will see this one do even better. Come on out and support local with $20 of your shopping dollars!


Cash Mob Cape's next cash mob will meet in the former Cozmo's parking lot at 1929 Independence, in the Cape Town Plaza area this Saturday, July 28th at 11am.


The locally owned business chosen for this month's mob shopping is a business that has many items for all ages, genders and interests and will be announced to the crowd when they show up. The mob shopping will be followed by lunch at a favorite family restaurant if you choose to join.

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